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Power Credits and Incentive Programs

Enhanced Growth Credit: The Enhanced Growth Credit Program provides monthly power credits to new or expanding customers that meet the program’s qualifying criteria. The customer may choose to have the power credits applied to their monthly power bill by either of two payment methods. The first method provides a power credit of $6 per kW per month payable for a period of three years. The second method provides a $6 per kW per month credit for year one, decreasing to $5 per kW per month during year two, and continuing to decrease by $1 each year over a six year period. To read more in detail about the EGC program, click here. Customers may qualify for the Enhanced Growth Credit Program in one of the following three ways:
  • New or expanding customers in the standard industrial classification (SIC) groups of 20 to 39 for manufacturing and codes 40, 42, 44 and 45 for bulk transportation.
  • New or expanding commercial or industrial customers that are all electric on heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), have 50 percent of floor space heated and cooled, and have 50 percent or more of the rated electric load represented by HVAC, interior lighting and/or cooking.
  • Expanding customers who are adding at least 250 kW of electric load for all electric HVAC, water heating and/or cooking.

The minimum load requirement for SIC qualifiers is 100 kW; the minimum for the other qualifiers is 250 kW.

Small Manufacturing Credit: This option helps small manufacturers remain viable by offering credits when demand for a month exeeds 1,000 kW.

TVA 5-Minute and 60-Minute Response Power Credit: TVA offers 5-Minute and 60-Minute Response Power that allows participating commercial and industrial customers to qualify for credits on their power bills for giving TVA the right to suspend the availability of 5MR and 60MR power to address reliability needs of the TVA system. To read more about these programs click here.

TVA Financial Incentives: TVA now offers financial incentives to existing power customers who contribute to the economic development of the seven-state Tennessee Valley region and complement TVA's power system resources. To read more about the Valley Investment Initiatives for Existing Industry (VII-E) click here.

Start-Up Power: Start-up and Testing Power, or STP, is designed to provide customers the flexibility to start up and test a new operation, expand, or restart an existing facility while maintaining their long-term power supply options. For more detail on the program and qualifications click here.



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