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Reporting a Power Outage

In the power business, outages happen. 745-3131. Trees hit lines. 745-3131. Automobiles hit utilities poles. 745-3131.High winds whip lines together, tripping breakers and putting you in the dark. ;745-3131.

If your home or business goes dark due to a power failure, the number to call, 24-hours a day, is 745-3131. A call to this number will result in the most efficient response and the quickest troubleshooting out in the field.

When you call 745-3131 you’ll be connected with our automated trouble call system. PLEASE DON’T HANG UP. Follow the prompts. If you are calling from your home phone number our system will automatically log the call and dispatch crews to your area to begin troubleshooting the problem. If the automated system does not recognize the number from which you are calling (for instance, if you call from a cellular phone or a pay phone) you will be prompted to leave a message. If prompted to leave a message, please provide your name and the location where the power is out. Also, please leave a phone number where you can be reached once power is restored. We try to call customers to verify that power is back on, area by area.

Though we try to provide sufficient phone capacity on our system to handle all incoming calls at once, busy signals may occur when lots of people call simultaneously during widespread power outages. If the line is busy, keep trying if you deem it necessary. But a busy signal likely indicates that your neighbors are reporting the outage for your area, too.

With crews on call around the clock every day of the year, AUB’s Power Division serves all of Athens and most of McMinn County. Tracking down a problem, planning the job safely, and making the necessary repairs takes time. During outages, it is our goal to restore power as quickly as possible while performing every task safely so that our crews do not get hurt.

For all other outages call: 745-4501.



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