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Surge Suppression Program

Surge Suppression ProgramOur customers are increasingly aware of the need to protect valuable computer and home entertainment equipment from the damage lightning and power surges might cause. Athens Utilities features a Whole-Home Surge Suppression program that includes a meter base device and/or individual plug-in devices.

While no surge protector can provide 100 percent protection against a direct lightning strike, a surge suppression system can offer another defense to keep your home electronics and major appliances protected from damaging lightning and high-voltage surges.

The cost for monthly service and systems you can purchase are listed below.


Surge Suppression Rate Sheet

TESCO 200 Amp Meter Base Arrestor, 3 year contract $ 5.50 a month
TESCO 400 Amp Panel Meter Base Arrestor, 3 year contract $7.50 a month


Panamax M8T-EX (8 receptacles + phone) $55.00 + Tax
Panamax M8-EX (8 receptacles) $45.00 + Tax
Panamax M8C-EX (8 receptacles + cable) $60.00 + Tax
Panamax M8DBS-EX (8 receptacles + phone + cable) $75.00 + Tax

To apply for Surge Protection complete this form.

A copy of the Surge Suppression Program Lease Agreement is available here.

The products provide a limited warranty only. This is not an insurance policy. To view the warranty, click on the product below.

TESCO Warranty

Panamax Warranty



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