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What is a kWh?

Outdoor Lighting


Natural Gas


Service Charges and Deposits


Outdoor Lighting for Residential and Commercial/Industrial

Part A
Street and park lighting systems, traffic signal systems, and athletic field lighting installations.


Customer Charge per month: $2.50
Investment Charge (annual rate per dollar investment): $0.12
Energy Charge per kilowatt hour: $0.06725


Part B(charges are per light, per month)
Mercury Vapor* or Incandescent 175w $8.44
400w $16.68
1000w $36.37
*Above charges are for existing lights only. Mercury vapor lights are no longer available for new installations.
High Pressure Sodium 100w $8.12
100w decorative $12.11
250w $15.16
250w flood $17.12
400w $19.50
400w flood $21.73
1000w $39.59
Metal Halide 175w $19.81
400w flood $19.83
400w box $26.25
1000w flood $40.02
Installations charge per light: $50.00
Pole charge per month: $2.00



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