• 8,479 customers
  • 316 miles of water distribution lines

AUB has three water sources:


  1. The Ingleside Spring, which has been a source for decades
  2. Wells that tap an aquifer that runs parallel to Oostanaula Creek
  3. The Hiwassee Utility Commission.


AUB’s Vernon Wade Filter Plant off of Ingleside Avenue treats water from aquifer wells and Ingleside Spring. The Hiwassee Utility Commission Filter Plant treats water from the Hiwassee River. Chlorine is added to all source water, as a disinfectant, and fluoride is added to prevent tooth decay.


Five above ground reservoirs store treated water that is supplied to residential and commercial/industrial customers.



A "cross connection" is an actual or potential connection between a potable (water that is safe to drink) water system and any source or system containing water or other substances that is not safe and fit for human consumption. Types of contamination can include industrial process water, fire protection systems, medical facilities or irrigation systems. If your location has such a potential, a backflow prevention device is required to protect AUB's water supply from contaminants.


All commercial, industrial, and fire-protection customers are responsible for testing their own devices. This annual test helps protect AUB customers from potential water quality problems caused by cross-connection. Testing must be performed by state-certified testers. After testing has been performed, please forward the test reports to AUB for our records. If your device fails the initial test, the device needs to be repaired and re-tested.