Power Credits and Incentive Programs

AUB Electric Meters


Small Manufacturing Credit

This option helps small manufacturers remain viable by offering credits when demand for a month exceeds 1,000 kW.

Interruptible Power (IP)

TVA IP products provide eligible customers with an opportunity to receive monthly demand credits on their power bill in exchange for curtailing their power usage to a specified protected demand amount during times of TVA power system need. Interruptible Power provides customers with an option of a 5 minute reliability only (IP5) product or a 30 minute reliability and economics (IP30) product.  Customers who elect the IP30 option also have the opportunity to receive an event based energy credit. Contact us AUB to learn more.

Valley Investment Credit

The program offers financial incentives to existing power customers who contribute to the economic development of the seven-state Tennessee Valley region and complement TVA's power system resources. This performance-based program rewards companies for the five-year economic and energy benefits associated with their new/expanded operations. Awards are applied as a credit to monthly power bills.  To read more about the Valley Investment Credit for existing industry click here.


Start-Up Power

Start-up and Testing Power, or STP, is designed to provide customers the flexibility to start up and test a new operation, expand, or restart an existing facility while maintaining their long-term power supply options. For more detail on the program and qualifications click here.