Commercial/Industrial Natural Gas Rates

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AUB Natural Gas Station

Rate Components

Natural Gas Rates are comprised of three distinct components:

  1. Monthly availability fee: The monthly availability fee is determined by the type of service the customer receives. The fee is charged each month regardless of the amount of natural gas used.
  2. Commodity rate: The commodity rate is determined by the type of service the customer receives and is based on the cost of operations allocated to each type of customer. This rate is applied to each therm of natural gas metered.
  3. Purchased Gas Adjustment: The purchased gas adjustment is determined by the cost of natural gas and its transportation to the AUB natural gas distribution system. This rate is applied for each therm of natural gas metered.


Natural Gas Measurement Units

Natural gas is metered in volumetric units of one hundred cubic feet (ccf). The volume is converted to heat value of therms. Each therm contains 100,000 btus of energy. The international definition of a standard ccf contains one therm of energy. The natural gas normally delivered to the AUB natural gas distribution system contains between 103,000 and 104,000 btus. This amount varies monthly. Because of the additional heat value per ccf and therm rates there is not an exact correlation between the metered volume and the per therm charges.


The purchased gas adjustment and the heat value conversion are calculated monthly. 


Commercial/Industrial Gas Rate Schedules

AUB offers 10 commercial and industrial rate classes. The various classes are based on usage, demand, interruptible status, and other variables. Please use the links below to see detailed explanations and conditions for each rate class. Don't hesitate to call AUB for any needed clarifications.


Click on the rate links for details of each.


Service Line Footage Credit

Service line footage credit for appliance installation may be accrued in accordance with the following:


Water Heater 200
Primary Heat 200
Each two mantel or open flame outdoor lighting unit       200
Clothes Dryer 200
Swimming Pool heater 200
Natural gas heated spa 200
Patio Fire Pit 200
Each one mantel outdoor lighting unit 150
Range 150
Unvented gas logs 150
Each space heater 150
Outdoor grill 100
Vented gas logs 100


Customers taking advantage of the service line footage credit will not be required to pay any additional footage charges at the time of their installation. Cases where the footage credits are greater than the footage from the property line to the meter set will reduce the tap fee by $1.00 per foot of credit. The customer will have ninety days from the completion date of the service line to tap and/or meter set installation to install appliances unless it is new construction then they will have 1 year from completion date of the service line. Customer's who elect not to install appliances will be charged for credited footage. AUB may at it discretion elect to offer reduced or no cost tap fees from time to time as part of a promotional policy.


Small Commercial Natural Gas Service

  • Meter Set Fee: $25.00
  • Tap Fee: $300.00


Large Commercial/Industrial Natural Gas Service

The meter set fee is $25.00. Taps for industrial or large commercial service will be provided at no cost to the customer. The customer must provide the division with an accurate estimate of natural gas usage. The customer will be billed at a minimum rate of fifty (50%) of the estimated natural gas usage. The minimum bill will include all gas up to and including the fifty-percent of estimated usage. All gas used beyond the minimum will be charged in accordance with AUB's standard billing practices. The minimum shall be in effect for five (5) years.


Natural Gas Service: Miscellaneous Fees

The following are miscellaneous fees that will be assessed with the division's policies and procedures:

  • Small commercial meter testing fee: $50.00
  • Large commercial and industrial meter testing fee: $500.00
  • Meter relocation fee (base fee or materials and labor, whichever is greater): $250.00
  • Bonded Gas Fitter bond amount: $300,000
  • Re-inspection fee (base fee or materials and labor, whichever is greater): $25.00