How To Start or Stop Commercial Service

AUB Customer ApplicationTurn It On (For the first time or as a change of address)

Whether you are getting service established for the first time or are moving from one residence to another in our service area, you'll need to come by our offices at 100 Englewood Road in Athens. Service Charges and Deposits may apply. Be sure to have the following information with you so that the process is as quick and easy as possible:

  1. Picture Identification;
  2. Complete service address;
  3. Your telephone number; and
  4. Your lease agreement with your landlord (if renting; subject to verification)

You'll be billed monthly based on the amount of power (measured in kilowatt hours), gas (measured in cubic feet) or water (gallons) that passes through your meter.


Turn It Off

Discontinuing your service can be done over the phone; you need not come into the offices. Just call (423) 745-4501. You'll be asked to provide some information that will verify that you have the authority to discontinue the service.