Natural Gas Safety

Natural Gas Fillup StationSafety: It’s No Accident

Used properly, natural gas is one of the safest energies available. But the fact that millions of people use it safely every day is no accident. We work at it. And so should you. If you have any safety questions or considerations, please call us. And, if you have any concerns about natural gas service at your home, we will provide free inspection services to address any aspect of installation or operation.


The Scent of Safety

Natural gas supplied by AUB has a “rotten egg” odor that makes it easy to detect. If you smell a faint odor that you think may be natural gas, follow your nose and try to find the source. It may be something that is easy to correct, such as a pilot light that has gone out.


Realize, however, that a significant gas leak in your home or business could be extremely dangerous. If you suspect a leak and can't find the source:

  • ELIMINATE and prevent all sources of ignition, such as matches, lighters, candles, etc.
  • DO NOT turn any electrical switch on or off, INCLUDING YOUR TELEPHONE.
  • If possible, open doors and windows.
  • EVACUATE the building immediately.
  • CALL AUB from a neighbor's house or a cell phone a safe distance from the suspect building: (423) 745-4501.

Be prepared to answer the following questions, if possible:

  1. Do you have a pilot light out on any appliance?
  2. Do you smell gas all the time?
  3. Do you hear gas escaping?
  4. Do you smell gas throughout the building?
  5. Has a line been damaged?
  6. Has an appliance been moved or disconnected?
  1. Has any construction work or grading been done in the area?
  2. Do you hear gas escaping?
  3. Is the odor strong in the area?
  4. Is the leak in the yard? In the street?


Learn to Recognize the Odorant Added to Natural Gas

AUB has “scratch-n-sniff” samplers that you can use with your family in educating them on natural gas safety.


More Safety Tips on Natural Gas Usage

Follow Appliance Directions

Read your appliance manuals. Use your appliances only for their intended purpose. Follow recommended maintenance schedules. Call a professional if service is required.


Safety Combustibles

Keep paper, flammable fluids, and cloth away from pilots, other open flames, and surfaces that become hot when the appliance is in use.

Educate Your Family-Especially Children

Become familiar with your natural gas appliances. Warn of hot surfaces, including vent pipes. Do not allow children to play with appliance controls.