Introducing AthenaGro 5-3-0 Fertilizer

"The Natural Choice"

AUB produces and sells a top-quality lawn and farm fertilizer at a fraction of the cost of national-brand fertilizers. It's called AthenaGro and is a slow-release fertilizer, which means it provides a steady supply of nutrients over time. It is an excellent choice for applications including lawns, trees and shrubs, home gardens and farm. AthenaGro can be applied anytime, as it doesn't burn your lawn or need to be watered immediately after application.


Farmers and gardeners have been recycling biosolids for ages. Biosolids recycling is the process of beneficially using treated residuals from wastewater treatment to promote the growth of agricultural crops, fertilize gardens and parks, and reclaim mining sites. Land application of biosolids takes place in all 50 states.


The application of biosolids reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. As more wastewater treatment plants become capable of producing high quality biosolids, there is an even greater opportunity to make use of this valuable resource.


More information on AthenaGro

Farmers routinely report that the productivity of their land more than doubles after the application of biosolids. Because biosolids are organic, they build up depleted soils and restore needed nutrients (


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