Residential Natural Gas Rates
Rate Schedule 22



Service under Rate Schedule "22" is available to any residential customer provided:

  1. The Customer is located within the service area of Athens Utilities Board; and
  2. The Customer is served individually through a separate meter; and
  3. The Customer uses less than 15 therms in any month of the previous twelve-month period beginning July 1 and ending June 30; and
  4. The Customer meets the following definition of a residential customer: "Residential service is service to single private residences, including the separate private units of apartment houses and other multiple dwellings, actually used for residential purposes, which have individual meters."

In the event Customer shall fail to continue to meet conditions 1 through 4 during the previous twelve-month period, service under Rate Schedule "22" shall no longer be available. Customer shall be reclassified to the appropriate rate schedule effective August 1 of each year.



Service under Rate Schedule "22" is firm service.



The net rate for service under Rate Schedule "22" for each monthly billing period shall be the sum of the Customer Charge and the Commodity Charge, each calculated as follows:

  • Customer Charge: $6.00 per month
  • Commodity Charge: $0.4348 per therm
  • June PGA: $0.9555 per therm



The Commodity Charge shall be subject to the Purchased Gas Adjustment of Athens Utilities Board.



The minimum bill for each monthly billing period shall be the Customer Charge. The minimum bill will be billed for each monthly billing period beginning with the date of initial service and ending with the date Customer requests termination of service, inclusive.



Bills for service under Rate Schedule "22" are rendered monthly. Each bill rendered for service is due and payable on the date of its issuance. The rates and charges under Rate Schedule "22" are net, the gross rate being five percent ("5%") higher. In the event the current monthly bill is not paid on or before the last date for payment as specified on the bill, the gross rate shall apply to any unpaid amount of the bill.



All requests for new or additional service or the transfer of existing service to higher priority end use will be supplied based on the judgment of Athens Utilities Board as to the available gas supply, the load factor or use pattern of the Customer, end use priority as may be specified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC") or other appropriate governmental authority, impact on the local economy, and the laws of the State of Tennessee.



All service provided hereunder is subject to the Rules and Regulations of Athens Utilities Board which may from time to time be revised.



Gas service under Rate Schedule "22" is subject to the curtailment provisions contained within the Rules and Regulations of Athens Utilities Board.