Residential Service Charges and Deposits

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Service Charges

AUB ApplicationUpon applying for services, there is a $25.00 service fee for each service-power, natural gas, water, and wastewater. For instance, for a customer applying for power only, the total service charge will be $25.00. For a customer applying for power and natural gas, the total would be $50.00, and so on. This fee is not refundable.


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Deposit Tiers

AUB utilizes credit scores to determine deposit amounts required of applicants.  The credit score places the applicant into one of three deposit requirement tiers:


Credit score breakpoints:

  • 669 – 850: No deposit required
  • 576 – 668: Tier 1 deposit required
  • 300 – 575: Tier 2 deposit required


  Tier 1 Deposit Amount Tier 2 Deposit Amount




























Natural Gas








Residential Deposits 

AUB has used a deposit system since October 2001 as a means to reduce financial write offs the utility has when customers leave the system without paying their bills.  When that happens, all other customers have to “pick up the tab” for that customer that did not pay.   Deposits help defray that cost to our other ratepayers.   The amount of deposits you will pay when applying for AUB services depends on your credit score, as outlined above.   With a high enough score, deposits can be waived altogether.   If you do have to pay a deposit, AUB returns it to you with interest after 12 consecutive months of on-time bill payments.