ATHENS, Tenn. – Local electric power rates will increase by about two-tenths of a cent per kilowatt hour (kwhr) in November based on a slightly higher TVA fuel charge.


The residential power rate for Athens Utilities Board (AUB) customers in November will be $0.08768 per kwhr compared to October’s rate of $0.08525.


With both October and November being “transition” rate months in TVA’s rate scheme, the November base rate of $0.06917 will be unchanged from the current month.


“These two ‘transition’ months carry the lowest base rates of the year,” said AUB spokesperson Wayne Scarbrough.


The fuel charge for November will rise slightly to $0.01851 cents per kwhr versus $0.01608 cents currently.


“These fall season transition months are a time that can help households keep their overall annual utility budget in check.  Customers have the potential to save money when we have the lowest rates of the year coupled with weather that requires little cooling or heating compared to the past few months,” he said.


“It’s the time of year to take advantage of moderate temperatures,” he said.  “The AC doesn’t run much and the heat doesn’t yet kick on constantly.”


Winter bills will be here soon enough, Scarbrough warned.


“So, these fall months can be a good time to consider your utility budget, maybe set aside savings now to plan for the winter of 2020, those frigid months when we all open a utility bill and think, ‘There is no way!’” he said.


 AUB is one of 154 local power distributors that directly serve the 10 million people of the Tennessee Valley seven-state region.  AUB also serves Athens and parts of McMinn County with water, wastewater, and natural gas services.