Athens, Tn.—Scott Brady is Athens Utilities Board’s (AUB) newest state certified operator in the utility’s Water Division.

Brady has been in a rigorous AUB apprentice program for the past two years, which culminates with sitting for the state certification exams.

“The apprentice program is demanding in terms of time and the amount of material that must be absorbed and mastered,” said AUB’s Craig Brymer, superintendent of AUB’s Natural Gas, Water and Wastewater Divisions.

Apprentices must learn in detail the ins and outs of water distribution systems including system mathematics to public health regulations and requirements to all of the construction and maintenance aspects of building a water distribution system and keeping it in shape to exceed the state and federal standards.

“During the apprentice period, he had to complete correspondence courses, take state directed exams at a test center in Middle Tennessee, and take AUB directed tests every six months to check his progress,” Brymer said. 

“It’s great to know when I get home, I don’t have to study for another test,” Brady said.

“There are no two days that are the same. I enjoy all of the responsibilities of water distribution, the repairs, new installations, maintenance, and all we do to ensure product quality through the process after the water is treated at our filter plant,” he said. 

Brymer said that many utilities across Tennessee struggle to find operators who have the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the tough standards.

“AUB gained a fabulous worker when Scott came on board.  He is a fast learner, has loads of common sense, and you can count on him to show up and give his best every day.  He is always up for something new and challenging.  We are thrilled for his success,” he said.

AUB, in existence since 1939, provides water service to businesses and residents in the city of Athens and much of surrounding McMinn County.