Athens, Tenn. – The Athens Utilities Board (AUB) has completed its annual Water Quality Report for
the 2023 reporting year and is distributing the document to interested consumers.
The Water Quality Report includes information on the origin and treatment of AUB water and detailed
data generated from water sampling and testing throughout 2023.

For the period, AUB water quality exceeded all state and federal water quality standards.
To ensure system-wide superior water, AUB performs year-round tests at wells and springs, at AUB’s
plant where source water is treated, at points throughout the distribution system, and at selected homes
and businesses.

“The Water Quality Report details where your water comes from, how we test it, scrutinize it and treat it
throughout the year and throughout the community. The data table shows how our community’s water
measures up against strict state and federal standards,” AUB’s Boone Walker said.
AUB-supplied drinking water comes from the community’s Ingleside spring and from wells that tap an
underground aquifer that parallels Oostanaula Creek in Athens. Water from these sources is treated at
AUB’s filter plant. A third water source is the Hiwassee Utilities Commission, which supplements
AUB’s water supply with treated surface water from the Hiwassee River.

The 2023 report is available on AUB’s website in the “Documents Library” on the home page, or at

“We in the Tennessee Valley are fortunate to have abundant water for many uses ranging from
recreation, power generation, irrigation, industry, and of course most importantly to sustain life. We are
proud to be the community’s source of finished, clean drinking water,” Walker said.
AUB currently has copies of the report available at its drive-through window at 100 New Englewood
Road in Athens or by calling (423) 745-4501. More will be made available at strategic locations
throughout the service area, such as schools, nursing homes, industrial plants, and municipal facilities.