Deposit FAQs

When do I get the deposit back?

After 12 consecutive months of on-time payments the deposit--with interest--will be credited to your account.


What is the amount of interest?

The amount of interest on a deposit is tied to the interest paid on AUB's money market account into which our excess funds are deposited. It is safe to say that the interest on a customer's utility deposit will be 2% or less.


I'm moving out of the AUB service area. How is my deposit handled?

The deposit will be applied to the final read-out bill. If the deposit is more than the final bill, we will mail you a check, but we must have a good forwarding address. If the bill is more than the deposit, you will get a final bill for the remaining balance after the deposit was applied.


Can my deposit be waived using a letter of credit from my last utility?

Your credit score is the only factor that determines whether your deposit can be waived and/or what level of deposit you will need to have on file with your account.


Can my deposit be used to pay my bill in a month where I'm short on funds?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The deposit can be applied only to a final bill and cannot be used to cover other bills.


My utilities services were disconnected because I haven't paid my bill. What happens to my deposit?

If you pay your total balance before we finalize your account as closed because of nonpayment (within about five days of your utilities being disconnected for nonpayment), your original deposit will stay on record on the same account.


If you do not pay within a few days, and we finalize your account, then the deposit will be used to cover your final account balance. At this point, to get service again you will need to pay all outstanding balances and new deposits for each service in setting up a new account.