Natural Gas FAQs

How do I read my natural gas meter?

Click here to learn how to read your natural gas meter.


What is natural gas?

Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. As the name implies, it is an energy fuel that has a natural origin. Unlike some energy sources, such as electricity produced by coal burning steam plants, it is not manufactured. It used essentially in the same form as it is found. Therefore, it is a good energy choice for environmental purposes. Natural gas is composed primarily of methane and is found beneath the earth's surface. By itself, natural gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless. AUB adds an odorant for your safety; the odorant, which has a “rotten egg” odor, makes AUB natural gas easy to detect.


Where does AUB get its natural gas?

AUB purchases natural gas on the open market from a purchasing agent who buys gas from many different companies. Physically, the bulk of the product is piped here from the Gulf of Mexico with a small amount coming from the Appalachia area.


What are your rates for natural gas? 

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What does it cost to get natural gas run to my house?

Fees for new service are as follows:

  • Service Chg.: $25.00 (This fee provides for the meter set and covers the inspection when your service is installed.)
  • Tap Fee: $300.00 (Includes the first 100 feet of service line, commencing from the customer’s property line. All main and service line exclusive of the customer's property will be at the division's expense.)

Service line footage credit for appliance installation may be accrued in accordance with the following:

Appliance Footage Credit
Water heater 200
Primary Heat 200
Each two mantel or open flame out door lighting unit   200
Clothes Dryer 200
Swimming pool Heater 200
Natural gas heated spa 200
Patio Fire pit 200
Each one mantel out door lighting unit 150
Range 150
Unvented gas logs 150
Each space heater 150
Outdoor grill 100
Vented gas logs 100


What is the “availability” charge?

AUB has a cost associated with building and maintaining the infrastructure of our utility systems. Regardless of the amount of electricity, natural gas or water sold, there are fixed operating costs incurred by AUB each month. The availability charge helps recover a portion of these fixed costs. For instance, your mortgage, rent, insurance, etc., is a cost that remains fixed month to month even if your income changes. Some of AUB’s fixed costs include:

  • Maintenance of lines and poles, pipes and facilities
  • Interstate natural gas pipeline “demand” charges
  • Natural gas storage facility “reservation” charges
  • Safety and Inspection Programs for Customers


I think I may smell natural gas. How would I know?

Natural gas has no odor of its own. AUB and natural gas suppliers add a harmless chemical that has a “rotten egg” odor so that you can quickly detect even the smallest amount of escaped gas. If you believe you smell gas, leave your home. Do not use any appliance or even your telephone. Go to a neighbor’s house, a pay phone, or a cell phone outside of your house and call AUB right away. We are on call 24/7.


Will my gas appliances work when the power goes out?

What won’t typically work:   Most gas furnaces
Most power vent heaters
Gas clothes dryers
What will typically work: Gravity-fed furnaces that have no fan
Small space heaters, that usually heat one or two rooms at most
Most gas log installations.
Most standard gas water heaters and direct-vent gas water heaters


Does AUB install gas appliances, furnaces, etc.?

AUB currently does not perform installations in homes or businesses. Installations must be performed by bonded gas fitters who have a Certificate of Insurance on file at AUB. For a listing of bonded fitters in our area, click here.